Monday, December 7, 2009

What I've Been Up To, Where the Art Is, and Other Things I Have to Get Off My Artist's Chest

As I groove to the soothing sounds of the Carpenters, I am recovering from a three-week period of mad, mad, madness.  I left St. Louis to move in with the family, unemployed and of course deep in debt, but not only that, we all moved into a "cozy" -cramped- house in Wood River, near a Conoco/Philips refinery, about 35 minutes away from the bohemian artist's life I knew for the past year.  Today the studio shares a room with an air mattress, and vice versa, everything is in disarray, and painting has come to a halt, but will continue immediately.  And my search for a job to support this enterprise, and build a life anew, continues.

Karen coos, "We've only just begun..."

I begin again, prepared to be busier than ever before.  Never take for granted the good things in life; they may be gone soon.  But change like this is certainly nothing new for me, having lived in four states (14 cities- yipes!), so I'm ready to adapt, again.  

Major projects are at least mentally underway, and will soon materialize.  So exciting!  

New work to arrive at Hoffman LaChance, Charm Boutique, and on Etsy in the coming weeks.


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Cre8ive said...

Drastic change can take your breath away for awhile, can't it? I'm glad to hear your art is still a priority, and I hope you find comfort and direction in 2010.

Blessed Be Jeremy:-)