Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Art Review: "Pattern Recognition" at City Art Supply

My second review. Wow. Already.

.e (short for Dottie Georges) has a cool name. She is also a visual artist and a musician. Her work appears at City Art Supply, St. Louis's newest (and only) dedicated art supply store, throughout the month of March. In Pattern Recognition, Ms. Georges presents a sizable collective wall piece, composed of square paper tiles, turned on their corners and coated with concentric rings of black, blue, white, and cadmium red oilbar. The painterliness recalls Jasper Johns, but the effect of these tiles as arranged to create these rough-hewn targets, which glow against oily, pitch-black background is that of a hypnotizing, panoramic deep space. Two roundtop window shapes appear as well, bearing abstract images that resemble irises, which radiate almost tribal, jagged rays or waves. They appear to travel towards, around, and beyond the viewer. This nonobjective installation encompasses the east wall of City Art Supply, with a deep and nearly authoritarian presence, perpendicular to the much more serene installation gracing the three moveable walls. This apparently random assortment of turquoise, hexagonal tiles contains areas of space which elicit a sort of calm, a visual refuge from the more imposing, disorienting east wall arrangement.

The opening reception for Pattern Recognition takes place Saturday, March 7, from 7-9 PM, at the store, located at 3215 Cherokee Street, St. Louis. .e will perform on guitar with sound loops, followed by an electronic musician bearing the moniker "of course you realize..." Check out their links...fascinating stuff.

.e on Myspace
of course you realize... on Myspace


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